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raindrops keep falling on our heads

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Although we didn’t had a wake-up call anymore, we still set one of our own. I know this sounds a little bit strange, but we only have 2 days here in Hong Kong and seeing we both wanted to make the most out of these few days, this was the only smart thing to do.

Our alarm clock went off at about 7.30 AM but as soon as we opened the curtains to have a look outside, we noticed the terrible weather … my gosh, I hope this is going to change cuz I’m not looking forward to spending an entire day in this rainy weather.

To us it looked like an ideal moment to snooze a little bit longer, but eventually we had to get out of bed if we wanted to see something of the city, so we slowly got dressed and looked up the right floor to have breakfast, only to be surprised a few minutes later.

The breakfast area was huge with lots of yummy things and it goes without saying that we made kind of a brunch out of it. We just couldn’t get enough of all the choices which were in front of us and who could blame us, the atmosphere inside was a whole lot better than the one outside!

I guess it must have been about an hour later when we noticed a little bit of an improvement in the weather and we took our changes to explore the city of Hong Kong.

Since we were located in the outskirts of the city centre, we needed to walk quite a while till we reached the Central Pier, our goal for today. From here we could take the hop on / hop off bus, but it was not exactly an easy task getting there.

We had to adapt to just about everything, going from reading an incredibly bad tourist map, figuring out how to cross abnormal big overpasses, highways or just simply put bad roads with no footpaths to even defying the worst weather we had come across ever since we landed here in Asia.

But if I have to be honest, I have to admit that not all things were so bad. During our walk from hell we also saw some locals practising tai chi in Victoria Park, had a nice coffee break in a local Délifrance, discovered the beautiful buildings of the Tamar Government headquarters to even witness a strange habit of lying on the street in plain sight of everyone. To me this is amazing enough and worth coming to this place!

Upon our arrival at the Central Pier, we immediately noticed the tour buses and I guess the representatives also noticed the both of us cuz one of them came to us, hoping to sell a few tickets, which in the end he did. After all, how could we refuse, he offered us a great deal and since it was still raining cats and dogs, the decision was quickly made.


Big bus tours offers three day tours and 1 night tour and since it looked like the weather wasn’t going to change, this was going to be our means of seeing something in the next day and a half.

It seemed we were even in luck since the next bus for the “Tour of Hong Kong Island” was going to leave in about half an hour and with all the raindrops that kept on falling on our heads, we quickly went inside to look for a good enough place to do some sightseeing!

Leaving from Central Pier, our first sightseeing of the day was the “Golden Bauhinia Square”, which is situated outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The square is named after its centrepiece, a giant statue of a golden Bauhinia Blakeana, Hong Kong’s national flower and it was at this exact spot that the handover ceremony between China and the UK took place. The sculpture was a gift from the Chinese government to Hong Kong to commemorate the return of the territory to the motherland after more than 150 years.

Next up is Causeway Bay and this is said to be the best area to be in when you are interested in shopping. Although it is still raining and shopping would seem to be the ideal thing to do, we aren’t really in the mood, even if they have the biggest department store there is.

Hong Kong has a lot of skyscrapers and as we pass a few of them, we also drive alongside the Wan Chai Computer Centre only to end up at the next hop off point, the “Peak Tram”. At this point you can take a tram all the way up to “the peak”, situated about 396 meters above sea level and moreover the highest point on the entire island.

Since it stopped raining, Tania wanted to give this one a go and in a way she was right cuz you’ll never know when you have a dry moment, so after waiting for a few minutes for our tram to arrive, we first had to defy an obnoxious Asian family before we could get seated and enjoy the ride and more specifically the views!

Taking pictures on the way up was a hard thing to do, but as soon as we arrived at our destination, we went on the lookout for a better spot. This seemed to be the Sky Terrace, which sadly enough didn’t come free, but once you passed that obstacle, you’ll get rewarded with more than enough stunning views.


Although the views were more than amazing, we just couldn’t stay here all day and as soon as we left the viewing platform, we grabbed a bite to eat and went on our way down again.

Sadly enough the weather changed on us as well and as we are waiting for a bus which obviously isn’t in a real hurry to come, we start to get wet again and while my head is filled with all the swearwords I can think of, I am but a tad glad to see that stupid Big Bus logo after waiting for more than an hour in the rain!

Not only me and Tania hurry inside the bus, we have at least 50 followers and instead of going all the way up to the upper deck like most of them, the both of us wisely stay behind the driver.

We are so glad to be on the move again, but as the rain comes pouring down, we unfortunately have to skip the famous escalators and instead we get out at the Man Mo temple, which happens to be the oldest one on the island.

According to our schedule we have about half an hour to visit this Taoist temple dedicated to the God of Literature and the God of War. Strange combo if you ask me, but although the temple looks very dark, I immediately liked the many incense coils hanging on the ceiling.


Once we’ve got back on the bus, we drove all the way back to our starting point at the Central Pier but as soon as we left the bus, it seemed like someone up there was not in a good mood because within seconds a torrential rain came down on us. It surely made us doubt if there was ever going to be a chance to watch the infamous “Symphony of Lights” but as we stepped on the night tour bus towards Kowloon, the weather changed for the better.

Heavy rains were gone, but instead we had to deal with severe traffic jams and as soon as we reached Nathan Road, the both of us decided to hop off.

It was either being on the night tour bus for the whole evening or watch the sound & light show and to us the latter was more important, so with half an hour to spare we decided to warm up a bit at the local Starbucks.

It felt so good sitting inside with a cup of hot delicious fluid in front of me and the best thing about is that when we stepped outside again the rain was gone!

The rain gods somehow agreed with us (for the first time that is!!!) and while we walked along the Avenue of Stars, we had a magnificent view on the skyline of Hong Kong. It goes without saying that we took as many pictures as possible and in the meantime also tried to look for a good enough spot to watch the sound & light show.

At exactly 8 PM the show begins and although the rain is gone, there are still many clouds which unfortunately ruin the effects of the lasers. The light is still present but if I have to be honest, I have to say that I expected more of it. Nevertheless, it was entertaining!


Now that we were here in Kowloon, we still wanted to see the night market on Temple Street, but in order to get there, we had a fairly long walk ahead of us, not that something like that ever stops us from visiting a certain place! :)

As soon as we reached Nathan Road, we knew we were in the vicinity of Jordan Road which eventually would lead us to the night market but first we tried to look for a bite to eat. All that walking made us hungry and as soon as we walked in one of the side streets of Nathan Road, we saw a small dark eatery by the name of Ned Kelly’s Last Stand.

Having so much fun memories of Oz as well as the food, we wanted to give this joint a try and once inside, we were even in luck to find a free table. Since it was still happy hour, I ordered a cider which tasted more than yummy. We had to wait quite a while for our food to arrive, but once it did, I must say that it was a major disappointment. Luckily there was a live jazz band who played some awesome music, otherwise the evening would have surely be an entire waste of time.

Once outside again, we walked further down the street towards the night market only to arrive at the spot about a few minutes later and although it was very busy and a lot of people were up and about, I kind of missed the Asian atmosphere that usually surrounds such a place. 

We have a quick look around and even end up buying a few USB sticks, but that is about it.

It is almost midnight when we walk back towards the nearest subway and to our surprise we even arrive faster at our hotel than expected, which isn’t exactly an entirely bad thing because after a bit of reorganising and a splash around the bath tub it is almost 2 AM and time for me to close my eyes since I was completely exhausted after such a long day!

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